Hazard Identification

Hazard Identification including minimisation Solutions & Action Plans

A hazard is a source or situation with the potential for harm, resulting in injury, illness or damage to property. A risk is the likelihood that a hazard may cause harm. It may be your responsibility to implement and monitor procedures for identifying hazards and assessing risks, then managing the identified risks.

Hazard identification (or spotting) should be an intrinsic part of any safety management system and constantly undertaken, by all levels of employees. By immediately removing an identified hazard eliminates the risk of an accident occurring, (e.g. a discarded empty pallet has been spotted blocking a fire exit, by removing the pallet this then enables safe access/egress in the event of a fire evacuation). General housekeeping is also a basic form of hazard removal, a number of business have developed the process as ‘clean as you go’ mentality.

Our bespoke relevant health & safety interactive training course identifies what is a hazard, how hazards can be minimised, controlled and managed. Significant improvement can be gained by the business by holding joint training programmes for both managers and their staff.