What is RIDDOR?

The Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations are more commonly known as the (RIDDOR) Regulations. All workplaces have an absolute duty to comply with them. RIDDOR applies to all workplace undertakings but confusingly, not all incidents are reportable.

If someone has had an accident within the workplace where you are in charge, and you are unsure whether you need to report it, then contact REEDucating & Consulting on 01604 931107 for the appropriate advice and guidance. Click here to download the RIDDOR form (adobe pdf)

Additionally REEDucating & Consulting Ltd. can offer practical advice which includes achievable solutions on how your organisation can reduce workplace injuries and ill-health.    

Under the RIDDOR Regulations, there are different classes of accidents that are required to be reported, for example work-related deaths, major injuries or over three day injuries, work related diseases, and dangerous occurrences like near miss accident all need to be reported, however it is the responsibility of the employer or the person in control of the premises to ensure that this action has been completed.