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Risk assessments, Training Solutions & Action Plans

Contained within Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (amended 1999); the problem with the Regulation is that it does not specify any particular method of conducting a Risk Assessment but states that it must be both “suitable and sufficient”. In practice this means that a Risk Assessment should identify the risks arising from or in connection with work. The level of risk arising from the work activity should determine the degree of sophistication of the risk assessment.

All aspects of the work activity will need to be examined, including routine and non-routine activities. Some assessments look at certain activities, general departments or job elements. Whatever method is chosen needs to be systematic. Account will need to be taken not just of the potential consequences for yourself, but fellow workers, contractors, visitors or members of the public.

Risk assessments need to remain the essential building blocks of a safe and healthy working environment; with the main purpose being, to establish ‘a safe a system of work as possible’, and not to stop the work or tasks from being undertaken, (as some popular press lead their readers to believe).

What does this mean? More often than not the risk assessment process will not eliminate all the risks which have been identified, but will more importantly put in place preventative risk control measure. 

Our 1 or 2 day bespoke risk assessment training course, (you decide) will enable both management and their employees to take ownership of this important undertaking. This relevant health and safety training solution is a widely used technique by REEDucating & Consulting Ltd. which has satisfied the needs of both managers and their employees, alike, ensuring the risk assessment process is as transparent as possible.